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Patch Notes Patch notes - 10/11/2020

Last weeks hot fixes:
  • Disbanding groups now gives a confirmation message before disbanding
  • RTP no longer murders people who are on cooldown from a previous teleport
  • Fixed an issue with Grappling hooks being fully borked
  • Cosmetics now cost money, and the shop keepers thank us
  • Fixed an issue where players could trample farmland in someone else's claims
  • Fixed an issue with the daily server restart script not working properly
  • Fixed an issue where backpacks would bork when being renamed with an anvil
  • Fixed an issue where graves would attempt to spawn in awful places, causing major TPS issues
  • Fixed an issue where you would break your grappling hook by firing it into a nether portal
  • Fixed an issue where you could add yourself to your own claim, causing you to not be able to do anything in the claim
  • Fixed an issue with mob spawn rates being drastically lower than intended
Graves update:
  • Graves will now give the owner's head when someone other than the owner breaks the grave
    • This does not allow the non owner to obtain any items that are in the grave
    • Only one head can be claimed per person per grave
    • Claim protections do not prevent this
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