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Event Agents of Ender, World Event, week 1.5

The Agents... They're too strong. It's hopeless... Without a savior, we'll never see them again...
Last week, you were asked to turn in Iron. Lots of iron. Unfortunately, the server didn't meet the 100% progress mark; However, that wasn't the server's fault - Last week we hotfixed a bug that was resulting in the spawn rates of all mobs to be 1/5 of the intended rates.

To make sure that everything is fair game, we're extending the first week of the event by another week. Rewards will remain the same, and any iron turned in after your personal, and server 100% marks will continue to give event tokens. Due to this extension, if both you and the server hit 100% progress, you will get an additional 6th reward for your efforts.

As for next week.... Want a hint at what you need to turn in? I'll give you one. It's green.

Stay tuned for next weeks update, and make sure to check out this weeks patch notes!

- Devin


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